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[Release][Savoy]MuOnline Webshop 0.9B

In jos

[Release][Savoy]MuOnline Webshop 0.9B

Mesaj Scris de Azzaroth la data de Joi Aug 07, 2008 12:44 pm

For who has been looking at the development thread this release has been expected.
So let me present to you the complete function list of the webshop v0.9b:

  • + A secure environment
  • + A clean, tidy, understandable and easy to edit config.
  • + Compatibility with both 2db and 6db mu versions
  • + Login and Logout system (md5 and non md5)
  • + Warehouse viewer, detailed item information
  • + Clear but nice interface
  • + Reset shop
  • + Stats shop
  • + Change class shop
  • + Item thumbnails (can be turned on/off)
  • + Item list
  • + Vip User subscriptions
  • + Item creator
  • + Item remover
  • + Language system
  • + Item Settings -> Free Space Locator -> Item Adding
  • + Item administration (full)
  • + BuyLog for the administrator + search function
  • + User credit Administration (adder/remover/viewer)
  • + Zen Casino
  • + Zen Shop
  • + Vip Server subscriptions, prune expired for admins
  • + Vip User subscriptions + vip levels
  • + Credit Casino
  • + Administrator item trackdown - search by serial
  • + Buy character's freedom (unban for credits)
  • + List of the top credited accounts
  • + Item Table [WebShop] export
  • + Item resell function (Refund)
  • + Global announcement for credits (Shoutout to Sandbird)
  • + IpBlock System (all four (ipv4) class support)
  • + Character name change
  • + Guild mark change + preview
  • + User vault viewer (admin)
  • + Multiple Items adder+manager (groups)
  • + User feedback

               Originally Posted by [b]changelog[/b]

Attachment to 0.9b
 - Now shows item Refinery options and checks slots with refinery items correctly

Mu AWS 0.9b Public:
 - Now shows the credits required to send a message to the server (announce module).
 - Updates the characters OptionData on name change.

 - Fixed the last [url=]slot[/url] check in the smartcheck() function.
 - Added an notice on the global announcer that notifies that the message is sent through the shop.
 - Increased the maxlength on the credits field on the item group manager.
 - Added a missing column in the installation.

Mu AWS 0.9 Public:
 - The login/logout script no longer requires the output_buffer to be set.
- Added a config variable ($webshop['misc']['LoginTimeOut']) that sets
the time cookies that are set as "Remember me" will expire in.
 - Added golden fenrir support.
- Added a new module to send a global message to the server for
credits. Web<>JS Interaction coded by SandBird (Shoutout to him).
Also added word filters to prevent module abuses.
 - Added a new module: IpBlock working with all ipv4 ip ranges. Admins have immunity.
 - Added a new module: Change character name
 - Added a new module: Guild mark change.
 - Added a new module: Admin vault viewer
 - Added a new module: User feedback
- Changed the item category display, also added an info script to it to
dispaly how much items each category contains (onMouseOver)
 - The "this item can be soldback.." message no longer is shown if the module is disabled.
 - The menu item currently opened by the viewer is now highlighted.
- Added a new item excellent type for 3rd level wings, supported by the
item parser, manager and adder. Also changed the 3rd level wings data a
bit (see /install/WebShop.sql).
 - Slightly improved the vault free space locater for multi-slot items.
 - The item adder script now automatically redirects the user to his vault once the item is added.
 - New function - smartsearch(), tracking free space in warehouse for less than a second!!
- Added a missing query for the past's version refund module causing
refunded items not to be removed from the webshop user items table.
Failsafe query.
 - Added a new feature: set adder, multi-item adder. Also added the group manager as an admin module.
- Added a missing check on the user credit ranking admin module that
caused it to miss its admin check making it accessable by anyone.

My personal note:
Pretty neat done if i do say so myself Haven't slept 2-3
nights in order to write this.. if i get flamed i'll get on my fxcking
UTP cable, right upto the fxcking fiber optic...trace u mother fxcka,
come out through ur pc and give you a bucket'o'spam.

For those who will be using it for the first time run http://domainname/WebShop/install/
For everyone else open the instal/upgrade folder .. open the
009.sql update and run it under dbo.muonline in the mssql query

Note that this might be the last release, I'm still wondering but ..lets leave time to decide that

[Download NOW!]
( my hosting )

This is the 8th version i release.
I would like to thank Sandbird for a release he made for sending
messages to the server through php. Really useful, integrated it into a
module here.

Some screens (not updated however):

Enjoy Comments up

If you have fxcked up a previous installation that u don't use
run this query than install the webshop

drop table WebShop
drop table WebShop_LOG
drop table WebShop_UI
drop table MEMB_CREDITS
drop procedure XCredits
Drop table WebShop_Groups
Drop table WebShop_Feedback
drop table WebShop_IpBlock


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Re: [Release][Savoy]MuOnline Webshop 0.9B

Mesaj Scris de ernesto2 la data de Dum Feb 26, 2012 5:34 am

link die upload again??

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Re: [Release][Savoy]MuOnline Webshop 0.9B

Mesaj Scris de UlfSaars311 la data de Lun Apr 23, 2012 9:52 am

SIR SAVOY Can you upload the link!!! :-l

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Re: [Release][Savoy]MuOnline Webshop 0.9B

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