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[Release][CZT]Heroia Midgrad - 1.01e

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[Release][CZT]Heroia Midgrad - 1.01e

Mesaj Scris de Azzaroth la data de Joi Aug 07, 2008 12:37 pm

MuServer & Client v1.01e
[ Heroia Midgard ]
Czt Team

Season I

1.Czt Team
Suffer - ConQ
Frienz (TFN)

What to expect from 1.01e?
Advanced old school gameplay offering features which most old server files do not have.
Recommended for real old school servers to bring back good old times but by keeping the fun in the game!

Why use 1.01e?
Files are stable and easy to configure - they offer excellent management and gameplay.

- Microsoft SQL Server 2000 : Download

- Server files :
[URL= 101eHeroia Midgard bymrar/;10826767;/fileinfo.html]Filefront[/URL]
[URL= Team/Czt Team/MuServer 1.01e(Heroia Mid) by Czt/]See It Works(TwiMu)[/URL]

- Full Client :
[URL= Client FULL 101e by Cmrar/;10763783;/fileinfo.html]Filefront[/URL]
[URL= Team/Czt Team/Heroia 1.01e MuClient(Czt)/]See It Works(TwiMu)[/URL]


Server Files:

4 Dataservers [FIXED][/i]
[i]1 Eventserver[/i]
[i]1 Joinserver[/i]
[i]1 Rankingserver[/i]
[i]1 CustomDB[/i]
[i]1 ExDB[/i]

[i]1 Gameserver[/i]
[i]1 Sub-Gameserver [FIXED][/i]
[i]1 Sub3-VIP Gameserver [FIXED][/i]
[i]1 Connectserver by DarksTeam[/i]
[i]1 HackLogServer by Deathway[/i]
[i]Mu Client & Server tools  Milamber's Guide Memo[/i]
[i]MuServerStartup by Sky Team[/i]
[i]Links for all 3 Gameservers[/i]

[i]1.01e DataBases for SQL Server 2000(MuOnline & Ranking - 2 [url=]DBs[/url])[/i]
[i]Small Game Skins Package[/i]




[b]Minimum System Requirements:[/b]
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2,0 GhZ or equal
Memory: 768 MB SD-RAM
Harddisk space: 1000 MB
OS: Windows XP Professional
Net: 512 KBiT upstream / 512 KBiT downstream
Net: NOT WIRELESS (= Loss of performance!)

[b]Recommended System Requirements:[/b]
Processor: Intel pentium 4; 3,2 Ghz or a Intel Xeon 2,8 Ghz
Memory: 1536 Mb DDR-RAM
Harddisk Space: 10  GB (SWAP FILE!)
OS: Windows 2003 Server
Net: 1024/1024 cabled (non-wireless!)

SUB : 1024 138 55902
VIP : 1024 140 55903

SUB Server GS - UDP Port = 60007
VIP Server GS - UDP Port = 60008

64 000 Max Stats
2 000 000 000 Max Zen
Good & Flexible Commonserver Configs
Knight/Elf/Wizard 1st & 2nd class 100% working
Magic Gladiator 100% working
Dark Lord 100% working
S1 & S2 Skills for ALL classes working

/add stats and /post working

Fast & Stable Gameserver
Kor Protocol
95% English Files translated by Milamber
GS reads Chs Lang (Configued for you)

Valley Of Loren
Land of Trials
[Czt] Daredevil Arena
Silent Map (Exile)

Blood Castle 1-7
Devil Square 1-5
Chaos Castle
Red Dragon Invasion
Golden Mobs Invasion

2nd Class Quests working
Ring of Honor quest working
Darkstone quest working

Fire Golems
Poison Golems
Queen Bees
Red Dragons
Witch Queens

Mx Gameserver translated
Commonserver FIXED and UPDATED

MonsterSetBase Hyperion 2005 managed by Milamber(FULL)
Shops managed by Milamber
Client Features:

Client Serial : cztpro101teamray
Client EXE version : 0.00.00
1 MxMain
1 MxMu Launcher (Connect to Game.exe & Roar.txt)
Window Mode/Full Screen Resolution
Missing Files added and Login FIXED


Connect port : 44405
Music Soundtracks NEWLY remixed by Milamber
Login and Loading by Milamber & Ray
S3 Interface by martaino
Kids Mu bar menu
Faronnia DL Cape
S3 Character Skins modded by Milamber
NEW MG Cape modded by Ray(S3)
DBZ Skill Sound Effects
OZT files added

KlickOr program

Main reads Test BMDs in Local folder
Text,NPC and commands 100% English translated by Milamber

Apocalypse - Heroia Midgard Lorencia skin NEW!
Devias and Noria by stige modded
Apocalypse 1.01e & 99 Game Skins

Clean Client with ALL Files included(mobs,texts,sound etc.)

Bugs list seperated in 2 : Major and Minor bugs.

1.Major Bugs
- NPCs Trainer,Alex,Thomson Kenel and Elf Guard do NOT work
- Devil Square 6 & 7 do NOT work
- Drop overload from Mobs at tight spots with unamed items.Lasts for about 30 seconds.It happens very rarely.

- Visual Bug for Zen ammount:
The REAL ammount of zen is not bugged BUT when you sell or repair,it
switches from REAL ammount of zen to Visual Bugged amount of zen,but
the quantity is NOT bugged so zen works fine.
It always decreases from an ammount of : 763 782 985 zen

2.Minor Bugs
- Devil tickets cannot be created
- Devil Tickets disappear from inventory after log off
- Silent Map(Exile) does not work on Move Menu but can be accessed by making a Gate or by GM Move at :
Map 4 or 5 coords  117  14    120  14
- Gameservers make 1 'Open SQL Error' which doesn not affect anything - its just the GS which misreads a piece of data.

..So lets get started!

First a big thanks to the CzF , DarksTeam(especially DarkMaster) FrienzMU Team & the Czt Team.
This MuServer version (1.01e) was never released so well & had missed its chance to be an awesome release with minimal complications and fully working features.
Until now,that is.

1.01e files are super-stable & very enjoyable to play - with kickass features which no other server versions will ever have!
With enaugh monsters,maps & items these files are awesome for some Classic & Extreme Season 1 gameplay hardcore style.

How to enable/modify MG and DL character creation leves:

;MX Config translated by [Czt]Milamber

Lv01=220          ;MG Level Creation
Lv02=401            ;DL Level Creation
GGLv=100          ;/post minimum level
GGMoney=1000        ;/post zen
AddPointMoney=0            ;/add stats zen
NOPK=0            ;Non PvP
MaxOnline=150        ;Maximum Users Online for 1 server
LineNumber=60006    ;GS UDP Port
So lets do these shits:

Router Setup
ALL IPs do NOT change!
Look in ConnectServer/Data and change IP there.
Ports TCP & UDP Both:

GS UDP Ports:

Change ALL IPs to your IP:
MuServerStartUp paramers(or statup.ini,same)
Gameserver Config
Gameserver Parameters in StartUp.ini or in MuServerStartup(change to your IP)
etc.,just change ALL IPs

SQL Passwords
I have written in files YOUR SQL PASSWORD.
Change in:
- CustomDB/Config
- Eventserver/Data/SvConfig
- MuEditor 2.1
- Rankingserver/SvConfig

Microsoft SQL Server 2000
- Installation Setup -
Step 2 : Restoring the Database
Download the SQL Server 2000 and install it like this:
sql,click the sqleval.exe file that delivers the package to the C drive
and once the package is delivered succesfully go to
2.Click "SQL Server 2000 Components"
3.Click "Install Database Server"

Setup Instructions

Saranir (CzF Eternity) Full step by step Miscrosoft SQL Server Setup Guide : Here

Restoring the Databases

1.Check that at the bottom right of your screen you have the sql server icon
with a green play symbol on it.This means that your sql server is
switched on.We need it switched on to restore the database,put the
server online and keep it running,and editing your accounts.Basically
it will need to always be switched on when working on the server.

2.If not,go to bottom left of screen,go Start>All Programs>Microsoft
Sql Server>Service Manager.It will open and you'll have to press the
On button(play symbol,the green arrow)

3.Now we get busy.Go again to Start>All Programs>Microsoft Sql Server>Enterprise Manager.

4.Now click the on Microsoft Sql Servers

5.Now click the on Sql Server Group

6.Now click the on (local)(Windows NT)

7.Now right click Databases>New Database and name it MuOnline

8.Do the same thing again but name this new database Ranking.Now you have 2 new databases,MuOnline and Ranking.

9.Right click on MuOnline>All Tasks>Restore Database

10.Check "from device"

11.Click "select device"

12.Click "..."

13.Find C:\\MuServer\\Databases\\MuOnline.bak

14.Click OK 2 times

14.Before pressing OK again press Options and check Reinforce over
existing DataBase BUT check the path where it will restore it,it must
exit.For example if it says "D:\MuServer\DB\Mx_RankingDB" and you files
are in C:/MuOnline/MuServer/ etc. then just change it!When you press Ok
and it works,it means you've done it correctly.Any noobster can do need at least 1 working brain you know?

16.There.You're done repeat all the steps from Step 9 except that now you do it for
Ranking.And when you restore database,it won't be MuOnline.bak that you
will select but Database\\Ranking.bak.

Final step,now go to your MuServer files and double click on ODBC and press ok.

How to add SubServer & VIP-3 Server:
I have removed from MuServerStartUp as it LAGS like crazy to have 3 Gameservers running if your not on a reasonably good server computer.

The parameters and UDP Ports are:

SUB : 1024 138 55902
VIP : 1024 140 55903

SUB Server GS - UDP Port = 60007
VIP Server GS - UDP Port = 60008
If you are Non-Router then change to your IP.

Thank you & enjoy these files!
The Czt Team


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Re: [Release][CZT]Heroia Midgrad - 1.01e

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