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[Release][CZT]Kingdom Moon - Season3 Episode1

In jos

[Release][CZT]Kingdom Moon - Season3 Episode1

Mesaj Scris de Azzaroth la data de Joi Aug 07, 2008 12:36 pm

Kingdom Moon
Season 3 Episode 1
Czt Team

Luciano Aibar
Macbeth(Czt Admin & Owner)
Milamber(Czt Co-Admin)
[Other Credits are included in files]

What to expect from this release?

These are largly based on Luciano Aibar's files.
If you appreciate and used Luciano's files but you are still aware of that missing edge then these files are for you.
Gameserver and Commonserver have not changed - same configs of Luciano but we have added a lot as you will see in the features list.
Any more Season3 releases from Czt?

We have as projects our 97d 99 and 0.74 both Season 1.We have released our incomplete Season2 files and our 1.01e Season1 files.
These are the only Season3 files we are releasing.
I want to know more about these files.

In December 2007 these files were made as a birthday present to me from Macbeth and we used them for the Kingdom Moon server of our old Network.
They are awesome.

- Microsoft SQL Server 2000 : Download

- Server files:
[url= Team/Czt Team/Cz v2.0 ServerFiles(S3Ep1)/]SeeItWorks(TwiMu)[/url]

- Full Client
[url= Team/Czt Team/Czt v2.0-KD Full Client(S3Ep1)/]SeeItWorks(TwiMu)[/url]


Maps List:
Valley Of Loren accessible from Lorencia (Map Enabled)
Land Of Trials Map Enabled

Server Files:
3 DataBases (MuOnline,MuOnline_Event,MuOnline_Ranking)<br>ODBC<br>Dataserver1<br>Dataserevr2<br>JoinServer<br>ExDB<br>ChatServer<br>EventServer<br>RankingServer<br>C:/ Links<br>ConnectServer by CzF<br>Gameserver<br>Sub-Gameserver<br>Gameserver_CS (Siege Server)<br>Mu Client & Server tools<br>HackLogServer by Deathway

SkyEvent<br>Blood Castle 1-7<br>Devil Square 1-6<br>Red Dragon Invasion<br>Golden Mobs Invasion<br>Wizard and Orcs Invasion<br>Castle Siege<br>Chaos Castle<br>Season 3 Wings  Chaos Machine  Repair<br>Elbeland (MOBS & NPC's Fully Working)<br>Kantru Event<br>Ingame Commands /post , /addstr , /addvit , /skin<br>Login Message and Announcements<br>Extra Event Race in Stadium<br>Auto Update Features in Client Patch<br>Main.exe includes the most amazing and lag free 3D Features<br>And all other basic S3 Features

[3D Camera]
Press F11 to activate and use mouse on side of screen to rotate and zoom.
Credits : HasteMU & DragonMu

[Server Settings]
ClientExeVersion = 1.03.47
ClientExeSerial = Rmx32emeu6dlsrk8
2 Servers (One Main, one Sub)
DarksTeam Connectserver
Full Season 3 Episode 2 (1.03.00 eMU)
All maps working 100%
All Events working 100% except IllusionTemple

- Moderated Server Settings
- Exclusive MonsterSetBase.txt (Credits to Milamber)
- Perfectly moderated Shops (Credits to Milamber)
- Elbeland 100% Working, Including Mobs & NPCs
- Translated message_wtf (Credits to Milamber)

[Recommended Requirements]
CPU - 2.6gzh or higher
RAM - 1024 or more to prevent any sort of server/gs lag.
HDD Memory - 80gig or more
Internet Connection - 10mbit or more

ClientExeVersion = 1.04.10
ClientExeSerial = J4kumDU3GdA5DgaJ

DragonMU Main.exe & Haste 3D Camera
Client managed by Milamber & Macbeth
Client Version: 1.04j
Sound & Game Skins Edited

Commonserver Sample:
[ConnectServerInfo]<br>IP =<br>PORT = 55557<br><br><br>[GameServerInfo]<br>ClientExeVersion = 1.04.10<br>ClientExeSerial = J4kumDU3GdA5DgaJ<br>Protocol = 1<br><br>Language = 0<br>ServerType = 0<br>Partition = 0<br>EnableServerDivision = 0<br>StalkProtocol = 0<br>StalkProtocolId = 0<br>ServerGroupGuildChatting = 1<br>ServerGroupUnionChatting = 1<br>NumberOfMaxUser = 150<br><br><br>;-------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>; MY NEW OPTIONS<br>;-------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>MaxLevel = 400<br>ExcellentItemsDropRate = 5 // n/100 (%)<br>ElfSoldierMaxLevel = 150<br>ChaosCastleMinPlayers = 1<br><br>EvoCommand = 1 // 1="/evo" enabled, 0=disabled<br>EvoCommandMinLevel = 250<br><br>MaxZen = 2000000000<br>MaxZenMessage = Max Zen Limit reached.<br><br>ItemsDurationTime = 90 // In seconds<br><br>PointsLevelUp_Normal = 5 // (1~100) Knight, Wizard & Elf<br>PointsLevelUp_MG = 7 // (1~100) Magic Gladiator<br>PointsLevelUp_DL = 7 // (1~100) Dark Lord<br><br>SkinCommandOnlyForGM = 1 // 1=only GMs can use "/skin" command<br>PkclearCommandOnlyForGM = 0 // 0=all players can use /pkclear<br>PostCommandMinLevel = 50 // min. lvl for "/post" command<br>DisableDropCommand = 0 // do not allow "/drop" command

GameServer Configs Sample:
[GameServerInfo]<br>ServerName = Czt_Server<br>ServerCode = 0<br>GS_UDP_Port = 60006<br>ConnectMemberLoad = 0<br>NonPK = 0<br>PkLimitFree = 1<br><br>-------------------------------------------------<br>[Config]<br>Enabled = 1<br>MinutesBetweenEachNews = 30<br><br><br>[News]<br>// News 1<br>News_1_1 = Season3 Episode 1<br>News_1_2 = 1.00.16 Luciano<br>News_1_3 = Enjoy the Game!<br><br><br>// News 2<br>News_2_1 = CZT Team<br>News_2_2 = WoW Hacks, Cheats, Bots<br>News_2_3 = FaronniaDotcom<br><br><br>// News 3<br>News_3_1 = CZT Team<br>News_3_2 = Macbeth & Milamber<br>News_3_3 = Ray is pwnage

Basic & Regular SQL Server 2000 installation - but you got 3 DataBases to restore.
DataBase names must be :
- MuOnline
- MuOnline_Event
- MuOnline_Ranking
And restore them accordingly.
There is a DB folder in files.When you go top RestoreDB/Options/Reinforec Over Exisitng Database make sure it makes the backups in the DB folder so you avoid complications.

Router Setup
Do not change the IPs!
Change IPs in Connectserver (Global or Local)
Change IPs in Data/Mapserverinfo.dat (Global)
Ports to open are:
60006 UDP
44405 TCP/UDP
55901 TCP/UDP
55903 TCP/UDP
55905 TCP/UDP

Non-Router Setup
Change ALL IPs to your IP.Thats in:
Links & StartUp.ini of the MuServerStartUp
Just change ALL the IPs.Don't leave out any!

SQL Passwords
Mu Server Tools (eg: MuEditor)

Thank you & enjoy the files!


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Re: [Release][CZT]Kingdom Moon - Season3 Episode1

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